Bacons are Forever
What do you look for in a lady? She better be a bacon lover!

Bacons are Forever

Must be shipped to US address

Bacon is a girls best friend! Show her you really care with a lovely
assortment of bacon products. Flowers are boring and chocolates,
so cliche. It's time to step up your gift game with our unforgettable
bacon assortment -"Bacons are Forever."  uber Bacon isn't
like the stuff from the grocery store, it doesn't splatter or shrink,
and is hand-rubbed and slow smoked to perfection.

  • 14oz Uber Bacon - Bacon 2.0
  • 3.5oz Uber Bacon - Glazin Bacon
  • Bacon Gumballs
  • Edible Bacon Necklace
  • Bacon Flavored Lip Balm
  • Bacon Scented Air Freshener
  • Bacon Themed Gift Box (view)