As you already know, everybody loves bacon. Even our vegetarian friends subconsciously desire warm, crispy slabs of pork belly. The days of “This is what I have always wanted” and fakey smiles and thank yous are over. When someone receives the gift of bacon, they will instantly become overwhelmed with excitement. Bacon euphoria will be felt for the first time, every time. The recipient will likely shower you with compliments and promises, such as, “If you ever need a kidney, Im your guy” or “Will you marry me?” or “Remember when you saved my life?, now were even.” At which point you may simply respond, "I Know."

         Bacon is the ultimate gift for every occasion. Stop rolling the dice with boring, traditional gifts. Flowers, neckties and gift cards are no longer acceptable, unless they include a gift receipt. Then you can just return that crap and buy yourself bacon.

         The best thing about giving bacon is there is really only one way to return the favor. Give bacon and you shall receive!